Brief Overview of How To Build Solar Panels for your Home

We are all becoming very environmentally conscious these days. This is a very good thing. We need to do more to help our planet stay healthy and pollution free, or in other words help the planet stay green. One thing that you can do to not only help the environment but also save you some money is to use solar energy instead of power from the electric company. This means that your power source is completely carbon neutral; it also means that you don’t have to pay an electric bill every month.

How to Make Your Own Solar Panels?

The first thing that you need to do is get some solar cells. These can be very expensive if you get them new. However, there are a lot of factory seconds and rejects that have small chips on the edges. Because their surface area is compromised, they won’t produce as many volts. However, these chips are generally very small; you’ll still be able to get them to work for you.

Before you start any installation, coat both the frame and the pegboard with weatherproof paint. This will prevent the wood from warping over the years. Now it is time to install the solar cells themselves.

The process involves soldering and a little wiring. If you have never soldered before, find some scrap metal and practice adhering two pieces together. Once you have that down, you need to take the tabs that are attached to the solar cells and solder them together to form your panel.

When they are soldered, you need to run wiring along each cell, starting from the middle and moving outward. Then all the wiring should run to one plug that you can use to power batteries or the appliances in your home.

This is only an overview of how to build your own solar panels. If you want more specific information, especially about the wiring, you should consult an local expert or take the time to read a basic electrician’s manual.