Clearing Blocked Drains With Hydro Jetter Equipment

A hydro jetter system, also called the hydro scrubber is a modern pipe line cleaning equipment that scours sewer and drain pipes using high-pressure streams of water coming out from a hose at a rate of up to 3,500 psi. The high-pressure water is extremely strong and it is able to cut through tough debris in sewer pipes. 


How does the hydro jetter work? 


The hose and nozzle is normally inserted in a certain opening called the cleanout. Such opening can be found in all plumbing systems, and it’s designed to allow plumbers get rid of clogs a lot easier. A hydro jetting system is composed of a large water tank, a special and high-pressure nozzle and hose, and a water pressurizer machine that sprays water out of the equipment’s nozzle at the pressurized rate of up to 3,500 psi and flow rate of 18gpm.   


All plumbing systems are designed to move liquid waste downstream, with the help of gravity. The hydro jetter nozzle is placed at the downstream end and works its way upstream against gravity. In this way, the blockage will harmlessly be washed away where the pipe line is already clear. Most hydro jetting machines are able to clear clogged pipe and sewer lines several hundred feet in length. 


When is a hydro jetting needed?


A hydro jetting equipment the right solution when clog can’t be removed using the traditional plumber’s snake, such as in the presence of thick tree roots that have penetrated sewer lines. Also, hydro jetting is required in some types of lines, as any debris causing the clog can cause the epoxy lining resin to be malformed and/or hinder it from properly bonding to the pipe. 


What are the benefits of a hydro jetter system?


A hydro jetting machine can easily cut through the most stubborn debris and tree roots, and wash away mineral build-up, and other stuffs blocking the inside of your sewer lines. Although a hydro jetter is strong enough to eliminate roots out of your drainage lines, any level of root penetration is a serious problem. Roots could get thick enough over time to be capable of damaging your drain lines and the protective waterproof protective coating. Guardian Plumbing, a group of professional and expert plumbers in Melbourne, recommends a camera inspection to help determine the severity of the condition, because sewer line replacement via pipe bursting may be necessary. Seek help from expert plumbers that make use of hydro jetting system