Mohammed Babangida

He has been a powerful advocate of traditional African tunes, and also usually spends his free time reading and comfortably enjoying jazz music, rhythm and blues – all modern music and songs that has influences tracing back back to African roots. Driven by his own persistence to success as a player, Mohammed Babangida introduces each of these aspects in to the enterprise world.

Accomplishing his education and learning in recognized institutions and Europe, Mohammed Babangida is interested and intensely participating in public education programs as an important part of his dedication to his family’s philanthropic projects. A hard driving businessman, he genuinely carries a soft spot for his coutrymen – important traits that identify a whole new breed of world-class leaders.

His excellence in running a business and management is well manifested in his fascination with sports, particularly Polo, a game that is currently having a tremendous transformation in Nigeria from one generation to another. A proficient sportsman, Mohammed Babangida is also a capable Polo player and an associate of the Kaduna Polo Club. He is likewise the Patron of the El-Amin Polo Club, accompanied by a Polo team that possesses some of the best mounts on the globe. Just like his dedication to business, Mohammed Babangida is also highly dedicated in showing the beauty and excitement of the game of Polo to his very own countrymen.