Prevent Hair Loss in Men and Women

Women experience hair loss too. It simply is not very obvious because hair loss among women develops in a different way. Instead of losing hair in large patches or areas like men, women experience diffused thinning. In a lot of cases though, even diffused thinning can already cause insecurity because women are stereotypically expected to have full heads of luxurious hair. All the more that women should think of ways to prevent hair loss. Since female hair loss is linked to hormonal factors, the best hair loss remedy for women would be to ensure optimum hair nutrition and health through a good diet and natural product supplements.

Practicing Proper Hair Care to Prevent Hair Loss

There are some temporary or minor causes of hair loss that you can put a stop to. Some people may temporarily lose some of their hair due to illness, stress, tight hairdos and over treatment. You can therefore prevent hair loss to some extent by doing your best to avoid these causes. In most cases though, men and women lose their hair because of genetic and hormonal factors.

How Provillus Can Prevent Hair Loss Among Men As Well

I’m going to be honest. It is not easy to try to prevent hair loss. This is because the major causes of hair loss among men have something to do with genes and hormones. Some men have more dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the main cause of hair fall in most cases of male hair loss. This doesn’t mean though that prevention is impossible. You could try using Provillus for men. This revolutionary product works by blocking DHT and nourishing the scalp and hair with the right mix of nutrients. With a good natural product like this, you’ll never need any other kind of solution.  As with taking any medication or supplements, you should always consult your health care provider.