The Pritikin Principle

With so many diets out there today, the search for the right one can be frustrating. For this reason, doing some research on diets before you get involved is an excellent idea. Why? Well, because you can learn all the basics, as well as the pros and cons, before you even start on the diet. One diet out there that many people have heard of and tried is the Pritikin Principle Diet. Not sure whether or not this could be the right diet for you? Well, let’s take a closer look at the diet to figure out whether or not it will really work well for you.

Overview of the Pritikin Principle
The Pritikin Principle Diet is one that was developed by Nathan Pritikin and it has been around for more than 30 years now. This is a diet that is very low fat, and while is mostly based on eating vegetables, fruits, and grains, it is not totally a vegetarian diet. Only 10% of this diet is fat. Nathan’s son, Robert, has now taken over this concept and has added to it and tweaked it just a bit. He stresses that you should choose foods that have low calories for their density and then you should fill up on them, since you’ll feel really full but won’t be consuming as many calories.

People It Works For Best
This diet is one that is a great fit for those who want to change their entire eating habits to lose some weight over time slowly. Also those who want to start using vegetarian principles in their diet will find that this is a great diet to check out as well. Instead of just being a diet, it focuses on becoming an entire lifestyle, so it is great for people who want an entire change of life. However, those who love their meats and sweets from time to time may not find this diet to be the right fit.

Pros and Cons to Consider
As with any diet, the Pritkin Principle Diet has both pros and cons that you should take into consideration. Here are a few of the most common pros and cons that you may want to think about before you decide this is the right diet for you.

– Pro #1 – Focuses on Healthy Eating – One of the key pros of the Pritkin Principle Diet is that it really focuses on healthy eating. The foods allowed in the diet are foods that are full of great vitamins and minerals, so you really get the important nutrients that help to keep your body healthy. Also, the foods that you eat make you feel full as well, which means you don’t constantly have to deal with cravings.

– Pro #2 – Allows a Variety of Foods – There are a variety of different foods that you are allowed to eat as well. This makes it a better diet than some diets that are extremely restrictive. When you have a variety of foods to eat, you are less likely to get bored.

– Pro #3 – Starch is Allowed in Moderation – While there are some diets that totally get rid of carbs, this diet allows you to have some carbs as long as it is done in moderation. This is a healthier choice than just totally getting rid of the carbohydrates in your diet.

– Pro #4 – Doesn’t Go Crazy with Excessive Calorie Counting – You really don’t have to stress about excessively having to count the calories that you eat. It can be a pain to count every calorie, but with this diet you’ll know that the foods you are eating are low calorie.

– Con #1 – Large Amounts of High Fiber Foods – One of the main cons to this diet is that you eat many foods that are high in fiber, since it helps to make you feel full and improve the way the digestive system works. However, over time this can cause swelling and bloating and you may not be able to eat enough in one meal to feel satisfied.

– Con #2 – No Cheat Days Available – Many people find that the fact there are no cheat days to this diet to be a huge con. So, some people may find that this diet is really hard to stick to all the time, since they don’t get some of their favorite foods.

– Con #3 – Not Enough Healthy Fats – This is a diet that is low in fat, and it can be a con since you may not be getting the healthy fats that your body really does need to be healthy.

Food Do’s and Don’ts
The foods that are supposed to be eaten on the Pritikin Principle Diet include foods that have very few calories per pound. So, you are to avoid foods that have high calorie content and stick to grains, fruits, and vegetables that allow you to eat large quantities for relatively few calories. Doing this allows you to fill your stomach so you won’t feel hungry and consume high calorie foods. Some of the foods that are really preferred in the diet include oats, brown rice, apples, squash, onions, millet, potatoes, barley, bananas, pears, beans, dark green lettuces, and strawberries.

Opinions from the Medical Community

While the medical community tends to be quite happy about all the nutrients that you’ll be getting from the diet, the one problem that they have is that the fat in the diet is extremely low and may be a problem for your health. Fat soluble vitamins are also limited in this diet as well. This means that you may have problems with skin health, proper growth, and normal cell functions because you are not getting enough fat in the diet.

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