Silicon Valley High Schools offer International Recognition with AP Courses

Private High Schools can offer International Recognition with AP Courses

Outside the U.S., universities in more than 60 countries recognize AP in their admissions processes. For this reason, students who are considering taking extra courses at a community college may want to think twice about taking an AP course at their high school or a school that offers AP. Not all community college courses will be accepted for transfer credit, and may end up being a waste of time and effort. In northern California, some Silicon Valley Private Schools are able to provide these AP classes.

Individual colleges and universities, not the College Board or the AP Program, set requirements for granting admission to their respective programs. AP Exam performance is typically considered within the student’s complete academic transcript. Because these courses are graded on a 5 point scale, top students can obtain a GPA of over 4.0. GPA’s of 4.2 or more are often required for admission to top tier universities. If your child can’t get an AP course at your local public school, try contacting a private high school. Cambrian International Academy is only one of the Bay Area private schools providing AP classes on a full time or class-by-class basis. Some will even offer the classes in the evening or on a weekend.

Because admission policies vary from school to school, interested applicants should contact the institution directly for further information regarding application procedures and policies. Appropriate contact information and URLs are provided on the College Board website.