Football in the US – How To Play The Game

Ok if your only physical exercise thus far continues to be riding one of these: click here, you’ve missed a lot! For 50 years or more, American football has been one of the dominant sports in the United States. Football in the US started at the collegiate level a few hundred years ago stemming from those that enjoyed rugby. Football in America has become a most distinctive and enjoyable sport. Watching football at home with your family is often a traditional pastime from generation to generation. Male or female, this game attracts all types of people that enjoy watching and playing the game as well. We will talk about the game, how it is played and offer some insights.

American football is played on many levels according to age and whether the play is amateur or professional. There are basically three levels; high school, college and professional football. The name of the organization that governs high school play is the National Federation of State High School Associations. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA for short, oversees college football. In addition to the NCAA, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics also organizes college football. The National Football League, or NFL, is recognized by all who watch and love professional football.

Wide receivers are the ones who split out towards the sidelines, and run out for passes. Many times you can spot a wide receiver because they are built for powerful strides and have long legs.

TIP! Safety is an important issue in football. Dangerous injuries are possible if you are not careful.

Wide receivers not only need to be able to catch the ball, but they also need to run after they catch it. But for running plays the wide receiver will function as a blocker. Catching a pass is what a wide receiver is supposed to do, but good receivers will also throw a block.

American football is one great game of strategy and tactics that is highly dynamic and fluid. Football is not a fixed and predictable sport, especially at the professional level. Very similar to a chess game, those calling the plays need to react to what the opposing team is now doing. You will sometimes see the defensive blitz executed by defensive “backs” who are also called linebackers. To prevent the offensive team for making a touchdown, the defensive team will often blitz to take down the quarterback. If the defensive line is completely devoted to sacking the quarterback, and they fail, this creates many openings for scoring a touchdown.

Football is a game of power and intellect, requiring the players to be both strong and fast in body and mind. This sport is about combat and knowing how to defeat your opponent each and every week. Each team must study the opposing team so they can be as well-prepared as possible.

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