Real Estate Marketing Suite

Real Estate Single Property Websites

PleaseText.Me’s multi-channel real estate marketing suite has added powerful a new feature with free single property sites. This function allows you to create a full real estate site for your listing in just a few clicks.

These single property websites are an important piece of your real estate marketing system. These landing pages, while very simple to create, offer a powerful landing page to create a template-driven page that includes property information, photos, and even links virtual tours.

The core PleaseText.Me solution enables the on-demand delivery of property information to consumers. The call capture system allows you to provide voice information for consumers over traditional phone calls. These single property sites offer a solution for your real estate text message marketing as well as offers a solution for applying QR codes for real estate.

Your real estate sign rider marketing system can now cover all technologies with just a single solution. Call capture, text messaging, and QR codes are all integrated into just one easy-to-update form and the single property sites serve to create a web landing page at no additional cost at all. Visit PleaseText.Me for more information.