Home Business Ideas

Are you looking for a profitable way to make money from home? You can make an EXCELLENT living online, from the comfort of your own home. The trick is knowing HOW to go about it.

Hundreds of people start home based businesses every day. Most fail within a year – after spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. You want to avoid that, don’t you?

Would you like to have an expert mentor to help you build a successful home business?

That’s basically what I set out to do beginning in 2005. (I’m not a natural business whiz, so I needed someone to show me how to do it.)

But it wasn’t until mid-2007 that I found someone who was very successful at making money on the internet, and who over-delivered on excellent content at a fair price.

That man was David Vallieres (pronounced “val-YAY”). I stumbled across his materials purely by accident. (By the way – Vallieres has recently released his Million Dollar Internet Marketing System. This is the most complete training program I’ve seen to show you how to make money online.)

(Vallieres is a proven master in this area as well – Are you feeling STUCK in your life or in your business? Are things just sort of stalling out for you? Are you working hard but making little progress? Then take a look at this training program on how to get UNSTUCK and Achieve Financial Freedom. You’ll be VERY glad you took this course!)

Here’s how I found out about the training from Vallieres – I’b been trying to learn how to make money from home by republishing books that were in the public domain – that is, books which are freely available to copy or modify.

I’d recently spent $200 to buy two different courses on CDs from a high-profile marketer who seemed to have a good reputation. The ads for his courses implied that they were complete programs, which would give me all the info I needed to start making money on the internet.

But as I worked through each CD, I realized they didn’t really give me all the info I needed to work from home online as suggested. The advertising had promised a lot more than the two CDs delivered.

One CD contained nothing but recordings of phone calls with internet marketers! They were interesting, but the info wasn’t complete enough to do me much good.

However, the programs did tell me that by paying only $600 MORE, I could get the really complete deal that I thought I was getting when I paid $200! It was almost as if I’d paid $200 to listen to a couple of very slick infomercials!

What’s that old saying? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

A few weeks later, I came across material from David Vallieres – on the very same topic as those two CDs. Vallieres’ info was much more complete and specific than the two programs (really infomercials) I’d recently purchased. That particular material from Valliere also cost less than one-tenth the price of the infomercials.

Ultimately, I decided to go in a slightly different direction than rewriting public domain material. My current business was a direct result of enrolling in another course from David Vallieres’ called Make Your Living Online.

After taking that one program, I also began receiving more genuinely useful information from Vallieres for free than I’d been getting by spending big bucks with numerous other marketers. What a happy discovery!

Here’s a key to success for you: Sign up for one or all of Vallieres’ courses through the links above. Study the material and put it to work for YOU. You’ll be very glad you did!

Note Well: In general, there are two vital keys to success in learning how to make money online: 1) Start with excellent, doable information; 2) Put that information to work diligently.

BUY the ideas; then APPLY the ideas.