The benefits of solar pv

Solar PV is a fantastic investment opportunity with green credentials. Install solar panels Yorkshire, at home or business to get fantastic returns. Reduce carbon emissions too

 Solar PV is now a ‘must have’ investment. This has come about because the Government now rewards households and businesses installing electricity generating panels, also known as photovoltaic panels.

 Put another way the Government pays you for every kilowatt of electricity you produce.

The tariff is quite complex but can be broken down into Feed in Tariff, Export Tariff and the savings you make on electricity bills. Combine these and your investment in pv panels could easily pay for itself in eight years.

Furthermore the Feed In Tariff has been structured to reward early adopters. The sooner you install PV panels, the higher the tariff.


 For A system installed between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2012 on an existing building*

 KwH generated         Tariff            Description

 Feed In          3000                           41.3p     Paid £1239 for generating

Export             1500                          3p         Paid £45 for surplus

Consumption  1500                         13p        Save £195 on bills


* Indicative only

The tariff also applies equally to businesses and households who install solar panels in Yorkshire

There are two further financial benefits of installing solar PV under this scheme. Around 50% of the electricity generated is then exported back to the grid at around 3p per Kwh. The precise amount varies, but 3p is a good guide.

 Finally, during daylight hours, electricity generated can be used in the home. The key to maximising returns here is to maximise consumption during the day.

This also means that by installing solar PV, you are paid to generate electricity regardless of whether you use it or sell it back to the grid. Effectively rather then you paying your electricity supplier, they pay you! 

 What’s more the level of these payments is index linked and guaranteed for 25 years. They are also tax freeReturns of 8-10% a year are realistic.