Why Illiterate Blogs Can Hurt Your Company

Everyone’s witnessed the unbelievably illiterate blog comments that make no sense whatsoever. Well, now you know why you’ll be embarrassed whenever you have blackhat website placement organizations work for you. These outsourced SEO/SEM organizations end up spitting out content that is undesireable for your prospects and Google both, and it may have a very real effect on your firm’s sales and profits.

If you’re just a website marketing hobbyist, you could be willing to take that gamble. It doesn’t make it OK to engage in poor quality SEO work, but it is certainly more understandable than when real service providers that care about their internet popularity outsource low-quality search engine optimization techniques.

Often times though, this substandard work is popular when it comes to travel agency search engine optimization, even when there is ample profit potential in the marketplace to merit doing it right. A correct solution for Realtor SEO for keywords like Charlotte relocation or keywords for any other sector, is to do it for the long haul. Quality SEO work is an investment in the long term growth of the company, not simply a quick fix to create a quick profit.

Positioning accomplished through shady machine-generated SEO programs and hoaxes are few and far between, and brief at best. However, the illiterate work done while trying to secure those quick improvements to search positions will last indefinitely. Have you ever heard the saying “The database never forgets?” Just like teens post their indiscretions on the internet and can’t hit the delete button, so too with small companies that pay hucksters for poor, shortcut SEO work.

Content published on your behalf on various websites, blogs and social network sites is the beginning…and very possibly the end…of your reputation online. I hope you really don’t trust that outsourced worker in Indonesia working for one dollar per day to write your content and link it back to your website? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

A quality SEO company will exclusively employ educated, literate writers. Since English is often called the “language of business,” there is no question that the bulk of SEO content will be in English. Educated freelance writers shouldn’t make uncomfortable grammatical blunders, and a SEO agency that is paying attention to the long-term growth of your enterprise will never do machine thesaurus expression replacements just to produce “one of a kind” articles. Software are generally good for lowering costs, but machines by themselves don’t write meaningful copy that is useful to the reader.

Any real estaet company that is concerned for its online reputation and search engine traffic will only invest in top notch SEO work where real people will be able to do quality control in the creation of valuable content that links back to the company’s website and adds something meaningful to the conversation. If software is the “people” posting your blog posts, it’s high time to evolve your SEO techniques and reconstruct it with expert help.