The Fanciest Jars Always Contain The Best Anti- Wrinkle Creams

It started off like any other day. Dave woke up and hopped in the shower. He dried off, got dressed and poured a nice cup of coffee. Then he went to wake his wife with a kiss. Dave faced what millions of men face everyday…Crows Feet. Multiple deep valleys in a otherwise pretty face. He looked a little closer and realized that wasn’t where the lines stopped. No, these lines were taking over. Pack up and head west, smooth skin of youth, wrinkles have moved in.

It was happening all over the country, men discovering their wives were aging and not just aging but showing their age. The problem was how to tell her without a lot of tears, words, and kicks. The method they tried was gifts.

Women like gifts, and keep them if someone gives it to them. Those crocheted sweaters with panda bears on them? Christmas gifts from Aunt Sis. So off to the pharmacy the men flew. And they quickly discovered that anti wrinkle cream is pretty confusing. They come in tubes, soaps, oils, injections, and capsules. Some promise instant results while others demand weeks of loyal dedication. Some were cheap, some expensive, some in English, some not. They quickly discovered wrinkles might be a bigger enemy than first thought. So a plan was born.

Each man was given a different kind, so the could discover the best wrinkle cream. Full of enthusiasm, some men ran straight home, to give their wives the gifts that were really to benefit themselves. With big smiles they handed their wives the cream, and waited for approval. They were rewarded with stilettos flying past their ears, as the wives cried that their husbands didn’t think they were attractive anymore. Those husbands quickly warned the others that their plan was not the way to go. And with all that crying, there were sure to be at least two more canyons across her forehead in the morning.

Stumped, a few men placed the cream in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, hoping their wives would just find the cream and start using it on their own. So there they sat, collecting dust, and not doing anything to rectify the growing lines. One wife even accused her husband of cheating, saying his mistress must have left the cream. Boy was this plan backfiring.

One husband came up with another plan. After his wife went to sleep he quickly put the cream over her wrinkles. He stood back and was very proud. Then she rolled over and got it all over the pillow. After several nights of trying, he gave up because it was all getting wiped off her face and he had to do the laundry.

Scared of their peers stories, some men gave up. Wrinkles really weren’t worth the horror stories they had heard. But one man just couldn’t imagine living his whole life looking at his wife getting older and older. He sat watching his wife, trying to figure out his battle plan. She was twirling a necklace, shining in the sun, when it hit him. He started to think about her favorite things. Diamonds, silver, glitter; how could he have missed it!

He ran as fast as he could to the store. He found the shiniest jar he could, a cut glass container.. He put his cream in the jar and put a big bow on it. And then he did what all the best husbands do, play dumb.

The shiny glass jar was received from his wife with kisses and hugs. How wonderful! How beautiful! But what was inside? The husband didn’t know, he said, only that he saw the jar and thought it was pretty, like his wife, so he bought it. His wife saw that it was anti wrinkle cream, and put it right on the bathroom counter.

Every morning she was happy to take out her pretty jar and put on the cream. Soon the husband could see the wrinkles were going away. Now he knew, what was important was what was on the outside of the bottle not the inside. Beautiful jars sold like crazy, wives were happy and looking lovely.

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