ThisHome Launches Real Estate QR Codes

ThisHome today announced the release of their real estate sign rider technology. This application is the first to integrate SMS, web, and voice for the real estate industry. The on-demand text messaging platform offers real-time property information to consumers as well as links to mobile-friendly sites. The websites can also receive traffic from the QR codes associated with each listing. The real estate agent has complete control over the destination URL in the agent interface. From the web or text traffic, consumers can directly the dial the dedicated phone number associated with the agent. The agent may receive these calls directly or place them into a hunt group that will find the first available agent on the team to field the call.

There will never be an out of date flyer in your plexiglass box again. The platform becomes a console to manage all of your real estate sign riders. Phone calls can be routed correctly. Text message responses can be updated in real time and even include links to virtual tours. The QR code can easily be updated after each successfully sold property so that the sign can be moved to the next listing. You can see all of the sign rider features on youtube.

The solution is available to beta customers on an invite-only basis right now. To apply for the beta, go to‘s sign up page.