24×7 Real Estate Property Information

PleaseText.Me added another powerful option inside the voice module. By using 10-digit phone numbers to power your real estate text message information system, you also get the added bonus of a “real” phone number. What this means is that you can now deliver on-demand property information via voice in addition to SMS and QR codes.

Upon completion of the recording, you can apply some subtle, but powerful options. You can simply have the system hang up to terminate the call. You can have the system call your office line or the number assigned to floor time. If you work with a team, you can have it assign Listing 1 to Jack, Listing 2 to Jill, or you can have it call both Jack and Jill on both Listings 1 and 2. Sound confusing? It’s actually just one checkbox that powers those options.

With voice recordings, you can offer real estate text messaging and QR codes all in one single sign rider. It doesn’t matter how a lead prefers to get information about the listing, you have it available.

This powerful system is still a snap to set up. To configure your main account, you need to confirm that your email and your phone number are accurate. Your first ad requires that you enter, at minimum, the SMS response and a destination URL where you want your QR code and short URLs to point to. It’s that easy. Check out RealEstateSign on YouTube.