Addicted to Italian Food and Want to Lose Weight?

You think that eating sandwiches and pastas all the time may not add the weight. Going to Subway on a regular basis may not be the best bet for you. In fact, it can be bad after awhile. Especially if you are eating white bread and not whole wheat. Yes, bread is full of carbs and they can put on the weight pretty quickly.

Spending your time at the local pasta house and filling up on pastas? Did you know that, if you have a low metabolism, that these are really not good for you as far as gaining unnecessary weight. If you are consuming these on a regular basis and these make up most of your diet, then you can gain weight quicker then you think. There is hope though and even while you are enjoying your favorite meals. You know how when you eat pasta, it is like you fill up quickly and then a half an hour later, you are hungry all over again? That is normal and you aren’t the only one but there is hope for you and for you losing weight.

For those of us who want to enjoy lasagnas and other pastas, there is a way that you an enjoy these and maintain your weight as well. There are such things as good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. There are foods to avoid that will help you maintain your carb intake. Such foods are, foods that aren’t as full of starch. Fresh vegetables, eggs and other foods that are not full of starches are allowed to be consumed. You can have a meal that does have some form of equal amounts of starch, per day not that is all that you can consume.

Guess what there is good news. No you are not going to be deprived of the foods that you love so much. In fact you are able to feast (or pig out like some say) for an hour every single day. Guess what you get to feast on? You guessed it… all of those yummy carbs. This includes that chocolate cake or that big plate of spaghetti that you love so much.

As long as you are sticking to the diet and keeping away from the carbs throughout the rest of the day, then you are okay to eat for that sixty minutes, all of the wonderful foods that you love so much. You are able to eat that big bowl of cereal that you rave or even that bag of potato chips. As long as it is consumed in that particular hour, then you are good to go.

Carbohydrate is an energy booster. If your metabolism is high, you are likely to crave more, yet if you just love the foods then you may not lose the weight like you should. There are many things that you can do but sticking to this diet will enable you to enjoy more of your favorite foods.

As with any diet it is almost essential for you to make sure that you exercise as much as you possibly can. The very best time to exercise is definitely when you have spent the hour indulging on the foods that are full of carbohydrates. Because they give you energy, you can burn it all off with the exercise that you do after eating them.

The foods that you think that you cannot consume, you could even with this diet. These foods are things like eggs, meats and other dairy products. Then of course there is lettuce and peppers as well.

Richard and Rachael Heller together lost about 200 pounds by following the diet. In fact they are the founders. They say that the more carbs that you consume, the more your body craves. That is why it is essential that you follow the diet the way that it should be followed. The reason for this is the overwhelming amount of insulin that gets into your body while consuming these carbs. With this going on, it actually causes you to crave more carbs.

It is recommended that you stick to two very small meals for the first couple of weeks, such as fish and a few fresh vegetables and then eat your reward meal as the third meal. Maybe after you have had your reward meal, go for an evening walk. That will help your body burn off the carbohydrates that you just consumed. When you limit your carb consumption to just one meal a day, your body has a better chance to absorb the insulin. In doing this your body doesn’t feel as hungry for these carbs on a more regular basis. Lose the cravings and lose the weight much quicker and easier.

With most diets there are pros and cons. It is between you and your doctor. It seems that the carb addict diet would be geared towards those who love carbs and has gained weight then wants to maintain it. If this is your situation, then it may be worth trying this diet. It seems to be a matter of controlling your consumption of carbs and eating foods at certain times. It is cost effective and easy to follow. Not to mention a win win diet.

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