Ron Bongo: Open Source Options for eCommerce

A number of firms have their full IT infrastructure designed and constructed around open source like application servers running on an open source alternative. Ron Bongo is the Ceo and Founder of CorraTech or Corra Technology, Inc. Since the firm’s inception, he has been guiding its management staff in making critical enterprise and strategic interactions with customers. CorraTech helps organizations personalize their systems from the ground up – from shopping to shipping – by offering these companies multi-channel Internet Commerce services and solutions.

Open source has increased in appeal and also in quality within the last 10 years and has also furnished firms with valuable programming tools for virtually any applications. Visionaries in the software sector like Ron Bongo have been solid advocates for the greater adoption of open source software for more than a decade. Many companies across America benefitted from what open source solutions can deliver.

With the usage of these comprehensive open source applications, organizations can easily take care of their client interactions using efficient platforms of strategies and operations – making it advantageous and profitable for all. CorraTech is a primary associate of SugarCRM, and has furnished implementation, customization, maintenance and support services for its customers. CorraTech is also one of oldest associates of the e-Commerce software platform Magento, a multichannel commerce solution for users having a combination of online and retail sales. As open source systems mature and quality developments continuously improve, thanks to the community of developers, users and advocates like Ron Bongo, companies may now choose open source as feasible and cost-effective options to their existing systems.