National safety passport course – Basic H&S Education

So that you can support safe develop sites there has been a large requirement for contractors to endure a nominal amount amount of protection training. This has been especially necessary in the hazardous industries. To make sure the contractors have completed this training, entry to sites has restricted to people who is able to prove they have undergone the mandatory training

Rise achieved by means of a Safety Passport.

National Safety Passports are an ever more important opportinity for employers and companies who employ contractors, to establish protection competence among their workforce. The safety passport resembles any other passport in that it allows the holder access to a passport-controlled environment.

The national safety passport provides details of the safe practices teaching that the holder has received and it is used as evidence that the bearer is qualified to an acceptable and recognised amount of safe practices awareness. You’ll find a number of Passport schemes in existence and there are also other varieties of Safety teaching which locate this minimum degree of awareness. Some of these schemes are not recognised by certain sectors of the profession as they might be from other areas (ie off-shore or European). However, a few of the other kinds of schooling cover the passport syllabus in deeper or greater detail.

EMMS aims to harness many of these other schemes and standardise the syllabus content that may incorporate existing passport schemes that meet or go above the agreed minimum standard. NESHEP and the National Skills Academy have developed a standard gleaned from a lot of research into industry best practice and lots of decades of experience and expertise.

These important minimum safety standards dictate the necessary minimum safety standards necessary to work safely on any high hazard site and also have been thoroughly audited by industry leaders.

This will likely prove the card is genuine but take note an EMS Passport card really should not be viewed as proof of identity.