The way weddings were

Its amazing that there is so much to converse about on the subject of weddings. I had never considered that a topic that I thought I was familiar with, could be so much bigger than I ever would have imagined.

We are so used to seeing and hearing about weddings that we don’t realize that so many things have changed over the years. The basic wedding stereotype is certainly still alive, but there are folks that truly break the mold when it comes to their wedding experience. There are now people that look at weddings unlike they ever have before, and it can be seen in the wedding ceremony. I mean, 20 years ago you would have wondered how a pair could exchange wedding vows when separated by 2000 miles – but web cams werent a household utility then either.

Another area that has undergone some very significant changes are the way wedding vows are viewed. The familiar solicitation by the family preacher of the words ’til death do us part’ was the substance of nearly every wedding ceremony. But the general view of marriage in the traditional sense has started to change quite a bit with each passing year, and getting married in a church environment is no longer an automatic assumption. The use of the traditional scripts at the wedding ceremony has given way to more personalized wedding vows in which the bride and groom create their own vows. This approach has opened up an entirely new scope of possibilities for the soon to be newly weds where they can express their personal commitment to the bond. In fact, one may wonder if there is really a life time commitment being forged at all. There was a recent wedding where a celebrity football star made a convincing argument that loving his new bride more than football is not a fair question because they are not the same kinds of love,”

It makes you wonder if there are really woman that are happy with a union like that.

Some cultures have a mix of ritualistic and ceremonial wedding commitments. There are in some cases very interesting aspects to the weddings of other cultures, and in other cases there are things that might seem very odd.

And then there are some very interesting origins for some wedding customs. For example, the idea of carrying the Bride over the threshhold is not to be found in early American Culture, but is derived from when a Groom used to steal his Bride from her tribe, he was forced to carry her kicking and screaming.

It doesnt stop here. Even such parts of the wedding such as the wedding flower arrangements can be impacted. There is so much in the way of thought provoking, inspirational, funny and weird that we couldn’t resist making a website about it all. So, everything imaginable on the subject of matrimony is going to be sought after by the editors of this blog. Everything that will capture our attention will be fair game to talk about. If you are thinking of geting married, this might even be a great way to come up with ideas for youe owm wedding.

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