Tour the Star Trek The Adventure and Nevada Attractions

There exist a lot of attractions to see and do while touring Nevada! So check out the fun and exciting Nevada attractions when you travel in our great state! Whether you enjoy – urban centers, mountains, forests, or water, the State of Nevada provides exceptions diversity of tourist attractions and activities. Everyone can discover the perfect opportunity to slow down and escape from the frantic pace of life.

Tour Idea #1: Let Star Trek: The Experience Beam You to a World of Adventure. Located on the ground floor of the Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is Star Trek: The Experience. This is an attraction that people who aren’t fans of any of the Star Trek television shows might dismiss and pass by. This would be a mistake, however, as the museum and the rides are fun for even those who don’t know the difference between a Klingon and a Romulan.

As well as the traditional Nevada tourist attractions, there will be a diversity of other fun things to experience and enjoy. Do you remember camping when you were a child? You can fish and enjoy an outdoor family adventure. Located within just a short drive, you can experience a variety of nature and natural beauty. Discover the natural beauty of the state and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is riding the historical trails or boating or camping, there are experiences for every member. These are simply a few of the attractions you can enjoy, for more ideas, watch this Nevada attractions video.

Tour Idea #2: The Hoover Dam, located on the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona, is one of the most impressive engineering feats the world has ever seen. It is only about a 35-mile drive from Las Vegas, so it makes a nice day trip if you are staying in Vegas for a few days. Construction on the dam began in 1931and was completed in 1936. The dam was responsible for the creation of Lake Mead. It continues to be a popular attraction, with more than 7 million tourists visit the dam every year.

Balancing the quirky attractions with the more historical attractions will organize a remarkable group vacation escape. To make the best of your family vacation time, you may want to consider one of the various vacation packages or tours. Most vacation packages include airfare, lodging, and auto rentals or include a entertaining tour. Many packages include sports or museum tickets, so you can find packages interesting to everyone. If you are fascinated in antiques and education, there are various arts and historical attractions, as well as museums of all kinds of specialties.

You can save money by visiting online travel guides. Many guides will describe the tourist attractions. Professional guides will include more information than simply a short paragraph or sentence. Take your time and discover excitement about your Nevada travel. Enjoy your vacation getaway and experience the chance to make family memories that will last a lifetime.