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Choosing A Professional Wedding Photographer in LA

Wedding photography has come a long way. Originally wedding photography was all done in a photography studio with special lighting and filters as well as back drops to accentuate the bridal couple. Fast forward to today and a wedding photographer has a different job.

There are a wide variety of options available for today’s bridal couple. Photographers have several packages available and many couples mix and match a few different packages in order to customize their own.


Often photographers begin with an announcement picture of the wedding couple. This picture may be done in a variety of settings and will have both parties in the photograph. Whether indoors or out of doors, these pictures will become a part of the wedding couples life. Some couples choose to make these glamour shot photos of the couple.


Some couples wish to include the wedding rehearsal in their photo albums. The photographer will take some of the couple as they practice their vows and other momentous events during the rehearsal.


Many couples choose to use a wedding photographer for a couples portrait. They will sometimes use an announcement picture for this and have a special frame that allows for guests to sign around their portrait. This portrait is usually a 9 by 13 size to allow for guests well wishes to be included.


Many photographers choose to not interrupt the ceremony itself by taking pictures. Instead, they take pictures before the ceremony and after the ceremony. Pictures of the entire wedding party are taken during these photo sessions.

Reception or Luncheon

After the ceremony many couples feel much more relaxed and the pictures take on an entirely new look as the couple begin to smile more and look less stressed. Special moments for this session would be the tossing of the wedding bouquet, first dance, reception line, bridal party and parents of the bride and groom. Many choose this time for the bulk of the pictures to be taken as these pictures often turn out the best.


It’s important to interview several different photographers. Not only will rates vary but available packages will vary as well. Most photographers have samples they are more than willing to show potential customers and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask, they may have more pictures they didn’t happen to bring out.


Photographers have a multitude of packages available. If you don’t see what you want, again, ask if it’s possible or available. This is your wedding and you deserve to get the pictures you want to have. Most photographers will customize a package for you so don’t be afraid to ask. This is also a good time to discuss whether or not you want posed pictures, candid pictures or a combination of both in your wedding package. Different photographers will charge differently. Some charge by the amount of pictures while others charge according to style and design.


Now that you’ve interviewed several wedding photographer in Palm Springs it’s time to lay your choices out and decide which photographer to use. Consider what you get for the money and how comfortable you felt working with and talking with each photographer. If there isn’t a rapport there while discussing options, then you probably don’t want that person as your photographer.

Retainer Fee

Most photographers will require at least a retainer fee if not the entire fee paid prior to the actual wedding. This is normal and should be considered when organizing the wedding budget.

Now that you’re chosen your Temecula wedding photographer, you can enjoy planning the rest of your wedding.