Why Write Articles

Writing articles can be both rewarding and challenging. It is these two feelings that keeps me writing either articles or blog posts day after day. I know many people who are not that keen on writing and I understand that and the resaon I understand it is because two years ago I despised it but through continuing to write I have come to enjoy it.

Why is it rewarding? For a number of reasons both personal and financial. For personal reasons it could be the challenge put in front of you. You know that writing is an intergral part of marketing so the challenge is to get your head down and bum up and write.

The financial aspect comes into play when, after a period of time, your articles are getting read by hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who continue on to your website and maybe make a purchase. These people are the bread and butter of your online business and providing them with both information about their problem and then a solution is the ideal mix.

Where do you get ideas from to write articles? I use my family believe it or not. Just last week I overheard my 22yo daughter talking to her mother regarding a very dire situation. She had eyelashes falling out and was beside herself. She was firing questions left, right and center such as “do eyelashes grow back“. She even mentioned that if they don’t she will have to investigate getting eyelash implants.

Suddenly I had a very popular subject to write articles about so I went searching information and put together a short report on eyelash care etc. Too easy.