Air Conditioners UK: What Portable Air Conditioner is best for you

Portable air conditioners are a must have in many offices and homes in the UK in Summer. Here in the UK we are, unfortunately, not blessed with great weather all year round but the months of May to September do tend to hit us hard with some very hot days and nights. These Summer days are uncomfortable if you happen to work indoors. An air conditioner for the workplace or home is essential. Which air conditioner do you need? Do you need a portable air conditioner, a self install air conditioning unit or an inverter type air conditioner? Read on to find out what type of air conditioning unit is best for you.

Air conditioning units make the stuffy indoors a much more comfortable and productive environment. It is hard to even concentrate when sweaty and overheating, never mind getting any work done. When people are too warm they become lethargic, drowsy and complacent, not an ideal environment for working.

When choosing an air conditioner it is important you speak to experts. Choosing the best air conditioner for the job is not as straight forward as you might think due to the many different types of air conditioner and models available. From portable air conditioners to DIY self install air conditioners, there are a number of different units on the market today. The right air conditioning unit for you depends on a few things, the area it will be working in, the size of the area and how often it will be used.

Server rooms and areas with heavy machinery or computers can produce high amounts of heat. This is dangerous for the machinery and computers but more importantly for the people who have to work there. Industrial air conditioning units such as Airrex and Titan Cool air conditioners are built for industrial and semi industrial use, perfect for server rooms, warehouses and any other large areas with heavy use of computers or machinery. The Titan Cool TC25 Portable Air Conditioner is ideal for use in a factory, workshop, kitchen, office or server room.

When looking to hire air conditioning units it can be of great benefit to keep your eyes peeled for special offers. Some air conditioning specialists, allow you to get cheaper rates when hiring air con units if you hire them for longer periods of time. Breathing Space are one of them, with air conditioning unit hire starting from just ten pounds per week. Breathing Space provide air conditioning units across the whole of the UK, with bases in London and Newcastle they can deliver air conditioning units to you on the same day that you place an order.

Why not just use an air conditioning cooling calculator? Air conditioning cooling calculators are not very reliable. As you can see there are multiple models and varieties of air conditioning units. Similarly houses and office spaces differ dramatically. For information, help, and advice on choosing the right model and size of air conditioner then it is always a good idea to get in touch with air conditioning specialists. For those who live in the UK you can call Breathing Space on 01207 507 444. They stock a whole host of air conditioning units and will know exactly what air conditioning unit is fit for the job.