Laguna Beach Oceanfront Real Estate Properties for Sale

Laguna Beach’s oceanfront homes and houses for sale have the added advantage of being located near the busy tourist destinations and seaside resorts for which this Southern California city is famous. Laguna Beach is a year-round destination city. Those buyers looking for Laguna Beach real estate do so because they want to take advantage of both the ocean views and the buzz of downtown Laguna Beach.

In all, Laguna Beach features 20 different beaches and cove, and each has its own attractions to offer the visitor. Some cater to the top surfers in the world thanks to the towering waves of the Pacific Ocean. These beaches are home to intense surfing competitions and are famed across the globe. Others are quieter places, with isolated coves to explore and tide pools to investigate. Still others are perfect for people watching, as the beautiful people come to soak up California’s famous rays.

Beachfront real estate and homes for sale in Laguna Beach remain a top Southern California draw. The pristine beaches are world famous, attracting both locals and tourists interested in surfing the waves, building sandcastles or just watching people. Laguna Beach oceanfront homes may vary from relatively affordable condos to newly constructed contemporary homes.

Laguna Beach features more than 70 restaurants in its boundaries. Some serve freshly caught seafood or exciting fusion fare. Others dish out the freshest sushi in the county. Still others are perfect for hungry families looking for a quick and affordable bite to eat. There are so many dining options in Laguna Beach, in fact, that no visitor to the area ever has reason to go hungry.