Best 2012 Guitar Amplifier Heads: Marshall or Line 6

Go loud with a dedicated guitar amp head. Although guitar amp combos get the job done, a dedicated speaker and guitar amp head provides the guitarist with pure power and the ability to finely tune their effects. This gives the guitarist full control. In the past dedicated guitar amp heads have been reserved for loud rock bands and heavy metal outfits. Buying dedicated units as opposed to the more standard out of the box combo amp allows you as a guitarist to try go places with your music that you have bot been able to go before. Not only does a dedicated guitar amp head allow you to crank up the volume but it also gives you full control and the ability to apply a multitude of different effects to your sound.

Jim Marshall died in March 2012 at age 88. His hard work and dedication to the Marshall brand and music business in general has provided joy to countless musicians and guitarists throughout the world. Lets look back on some of the best Marshall amp heads that Marshall have produced.

You get what you pay for with a Marshall guitar amp head. If you are on the lookout for a quality amp head with a great legacy and story behind it then you cannot go wrong with a Marshall guitar amplifier head. The MG100HCFX is the flagship amp head of the new Carbon Fibre MG series. With specially voiced digital delay and effects, the Marshall MG100HCFX is ideal for adding new weapons to your sonic arsenal, especially if you are into your classic rock and rock and roll.

The Marshall JMD100 amp head gives you all the power and effects you will ever need and then some. Built with the gifted guitar player in mind, the JMD100 amp head allows guitarists to recreate all the amps that have shaped rock history over the years. Featuring 16 preamp models, the JMD100 has programmable digital FX which are powered through a EL34 valve-based power amp section. It includes a 6 way footswitch with the ability to store 28 presets. The Marshall JMD100 reeks of self indulgence but if you are thinking of buying it then you will surely appreciate this Goddess of an amp.

The Spider IV 150 HD guitar amp head by Line 6 is very different to a lot of guitar amp heads out there on the market today. This amp head by Line 6 can do everything your standard amp head can do, however it redefines what you thought was possible with a guitar amp head. Its best feature is its amp modeling abilities, including over 300 hand crafted presets from some of the most famous guitarists in the world from Johnny Marr to Pete Anderson. It contains SmartFX effects which allow you to add quick loops, wahs, reverbs, tremolos, delays and more to your guitar.

Most venues nowadays have their own cabinets and speaker systems although they are very basic and you would not dream of plugging your guitar directly in to them. That is why a guitar head amp is necessary, so that you can refine and redefine your sound. Buying a dedicated guitar amp head as opposed to a combo amp allows you to just take around the much smaller amp head instead of lugging around the full combo amp. Ideal for touring musicians.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with any of the Line 6 or Marshall guitar amplifier heads mentioned in this article. My personal favourite is the Marshall JMD100 however it is a pricey unit. If you are unsure on which amplifier head you prefer, or want to check out any other guitar amp heads, head on over to a music equipment specialist such as SoundsLiveShop to see what else is available.