Blu-rau Replication vs CD Duplication

Many people don’t truly know the difference between replication and duplication in the CD / DVD industry. Media replication vs duplication every one has it’s advantages and disadvantages. To know what you should choose for your requirements lets explain the gap:


Applying a glass master, your discs are replicated by “stamping” crucial computer data into melted polycarbonate as they are molded.

  1. Ideal for vast amounts
  2. Playable on all readable devices

Beginning with a glass master that contains your data for your disc, a metal stamper is created. The stamper is loaded into a molding machine and polycarbonate is injected to the mold thereby manufacturing the disc using the data “stamped” in the disc. The mastered facts are then protected by layers of polycarbonate plastic. This will make it lacquered, usually screened, and ultimately packaged. Because most with this process is automated, the charge per unit becomes considered and extremely affordable on purchases generally greater than 1000 pieces. Normally, your data side of an DVD replication disc is prismatic shiny aluminum without having color inside the plastic like recordable discs have.


Applying blank recordable discs, your discs are duplicated by “burning” your computer data onto them.

  1. Perfect for smaller quantities
  2. Quickest turn times

You start with pre-manufactured blank recordable discs, the information is “burned” on the discs one by one. When quantities between 25 and 900 are essential, a “duplicator” is utilized. The information you have is digitally obtained from your master source (often a master CD-R or DVD-R) and moved to the blank discs. Your data is commonly verified as well as the copy then accepted or rejected. The info side of your recordable disc usually has hook color to it, (yellow, green, blue, or purple, with respect to the sort of media.)

If you don’t difference from all these methods around the finished product. Both processes extract the information in the same method. The biggest factor on choosing weather to CD duplication or replicate will be the quantity you need to make. Replication is generally useful for quantities over 1,000 and dvd duplicator is utilized for anything less then that. In case you have another questions on which solution to use please e-mail us