Bob the Builder Magazine

Bob the Builder magazine. Well, once a month a huge and beaming smile crosses his face first thing in the morning as he bounds downstairs to find the monthly Bob The Builder magazine from BBC Publishing on the doormat. Bob the Builder is a children’s TV character created by Keith Chapman. Bob the Builder is a hard-hat wearing, hard-working builder who moto is always “safety first”. Bob The Builder follows the adventures of Bob and his lovable gang of friends and machines Scoop (a scooper), Muck (a dump truck), Lofty (a crane), Dizzy (a cement mixer), and Roley (a steam roller) as they work together to solve problems. Bob the Builder also released a song which was no1 at christmas “Bob the Builder, Can we fix it.”

Bob The Builder catchphrase is engineers’ biggest gripe. Bob the Builder has laid a foundation of friendship and teamwork with children all over the world. Bob the Builders friction Flex loves to help Bob in his team. Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project. Bob the Builder and Friends Bob the Builder and his friends are well known for their building exploits.

Bob The Builder is back with more adventures in the ‘Project Build It’ series. Bob the builder is defiantly a unique film for kids. Bob the Builder and his friends are back with a charming musical special checkout the magazine for details.

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