Car Trouble


Car mechanics deal with all areas of a car including electronics, engine or brakes. Mechanics are responsible for the repair of vehicles. This includes maintenance, inspection, repair and installation of auxiliary equipment and accessories. Specialized inspection equipment is used for these various tests.

In addition, a car mechanic is often used for obtaining required car parts. Replacement parts need to be identified and ordered from the distributor. Mechanic must have great communication and be able to contact dealers and customers. Therefore a mechanic should have a high level of social skills and have service-oriented work behaviour. He also should have some organizational skills. This is particularly necessary for the termination of customer contracts.

Common Problems


  • When you turn the ignition key, there’s no light on the dashboard
  • When you turn the ignition switch, lights come on board, but the starter or starter motor does not work.
  • When you turn the ignition key, dash lights turn on, the starter works, the motor turns but will not start.
  • Motor starts but shuts down immediately
  • Motor starts, but speed is unstable.
  • Motor starts but it blasts through the carburetor.
  • Motor exhaust explodes.
  • Motor expels blue smoke from exhaust.
  • Motor expelling black smoke from exhaust.
  • Motor will accelerate and loses power on hills.
  • Motor still running after closing the ignition key.
  • Motor expels water through the exhaust while it is heating up.
  • Motor makes small leaps when running.
  • Motor turns off after 10 or 20 minutes of running, and restarts after cooling.
  • Strong smell of gasoline while car is running.
  • When accelerating Motor car feels like its making small jumps and has no strength to run.
  • Every morning at start-up I have to tread on the accelerator and wait until heated.
  • When the engine is cold I feel it accelerates too much. when heated, it maintains the normal speed
  • Every morning when starting my car, Blue smoke expels the exhaust.
  • Every morning when starting my car, emits smoke black , and consumes too much gas  
  • The air filter is dirty oil


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