Create a Top Website – Use SBI

I joined SBI! in Jan 2004, now in my fifth year. I’m now working on my second website. I’m in no way a techie – After lots of research, I chose SBI! to build my own online business.

I could not find any other company that provides a clear, detailed process integrated with all the tools I needed to actually succeed online. It’s not about putting up a site that is just “UP.” It’s about putting up a site that really works.

To see what you really get, have a look: SBI! – Compare

Having spent almost a year researching an online business application, I couldn’t find an all-in-one package that came close to SiteSell, $ for $.

In all my time online (since 1997), I have not come across a better training guide than SiteSell’s Action Guide – this leads the user from identifying a site concept, to choosing keywords for traffic, to building relationships with your visitors, PREselling those visitors, and a lot more. All boiling down to succeeding.

Now & then, I compare site stats at Alexa and also at Compete.

Here are the numbers for my original website,

Alexa: 445,392     Compete: 500,087

As a non-techie, “typical” web user, I feel really satisfied with these results. Similarly, my traffic has been on an upward trend EVERY year, since I started with SBI! Likewise for the income.

When you consider the price of $299, keep in mind all you’re receiving: SBI! – All The Tools

Sure SBI!’s block-by-block site builder is for newbies – “the training wheels” as it’s referred to. But you should be aware that it’s also possible to design your site with Dreamweaver, or any other HTML editor, and then you can upload your own HTML pages to SBI!

Colin Dunbar,