Gum Away Liquid – Gum Remover

GUM AWAY LIQUID by NOOP’S COUP is extremely user-friendly. It works its way beneath the gum, making it easier to remove it from both porous and smooth surfaces.  Gum Away is highly recommended for use on concrete, cinder block, bricks, wood, marble, terrazzo, porcelain tile, stainless steel, aluminum, rocks, slate, ceramic tile and more. Gum Awau is available in the following sizes: Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons.

Recommended Application: Spray, pour, brush or roll on gum to be removed. When wet use the GUM WOBBLER SCORER/SCRAPER by NOOP’S COUP to score gum and allow chemical to penetrate. Wait 1-2 minutes. Re-apply. Begin Scraping to remove excess residue. Reapply, and then use a brass brush or GUM WOBBLER (PP) with the wire brush, rub the area until clean. Wash off with a spray bottle or high pressure washer. (2000-3000 psi). For very old hard gum: Wet area with gum away. Apply GUM AWAY LIQUID to a cloth and pour over gum. Wait 5-10 minutes. Score and follow directions again. This product may be purchased through

NOOPYS has been in the “paint removing” business for over 30 years and still runs a large stripping and refinishing business to stay “on top of” finishes both old and new. Because better paint removers were needed to get the job done, NOOPYS began blending and making methylene chloride paint removers that “REALLY WORKED.” Their removers and cleaners REALLY WORK! All of their products are tested in their stripping plant, so they are well aware of what your problems are and they will be happy to assist you.