Host Then Profit – Beginners Manual

Many, many people each year get involved in a home-based business, as a result of having seen a presentation, gotten all excited over the concepts of earning an income from home and signed up.

Now What?

Most people, unfortunately, do nothing.

Face it, for a person that has little or no business experience, it can be overwhelming to develop a personalized presentation, arrange marketing materials – such as business cards and stationery, and actually go out and contact people.

For a seasoned business person it takes actual work.

Beginners need much more than a starter kit and the advice to “make a list of all of your relatives and friends” to present to.

— Do NOT do that by the way (i.e contact your friends and relatives)!

If you are recruiting and sponsoring people into your business you owe it to them (and yourself) to make sure they are trained properly. This means going way beyond the “friends and family” advice.

The go-getter type is the one that will actually go out and contact people to sell their opportunity – even without none, or with very little of your input. They don’t need you.

Focus your training efforts on the beginners or those that have been burned by their previous experiences. Provide a step-by-step training and resource package that will help them get the tools in place they will need to succeed.

If you set your goal to make sure each of members getting cheap web hosting to setup a personal blog, a collection of articles to populate the blog with, an autoresponder complete with follow-up messages, they will have a basic platform from which to begin their launch.

Follow-up training would teach them to drive quality traffic to their blog to generate leads.

Always focus on getting plenty of quality leads, as this is a GOOD THING for your organization.

Fortunately the Host Then Profit owner Joel already included this (and much more) as part of the membership, and in addition the author of this article (Anders Eriksson) will include tons of bonuses, such as Master Resell Rights products, and even Reseller Web Hosting as part of the “signing up bonuses” when you visit this url and signup.. Host Then Profit