How do you select the right Contract office cleaning company?

It’s not difficult to locate an contract office cleaning company in Scotland but to be able to find a company who can do the work quickly and effectively requires some actual research. So how do you know what do you look for? If you were interviewing for a new staff member you would draw up a list of questions prior to the interview. Do you do the same when you are looking for an office cleaning contractor?

Here are a few topics to think about that will help you answer these questions.

Do you think the person you are talking to really understands what you are looking for in your office cleaning service contract standards? Have they visited your office and walked around it to see what needs to be done. Did they ask you enough questions to get your opinions of what you need?

Are they flexible? Office environments can be always changing as teams as they expand in size will often move to different locations within a building or even to a different building. This shift of furniture and equipment also makes changes in cleaning requirements and the cleaning service provider should be flexible enough to alter your service agreement.

Are you allowed to give feedback? Don’t forget however that feedback should be more than just a survey form that you fill out each month and never see any changes as a consequence

Quality control inspections.

Quality control is important especially at the beginning of your contract.  You should be sure that the local manager is going to be visiting regularly at the beginning to check on office cleaning standards and ensure that the cleaners standards exceed your own. There should of course also be random checks by cleaning managers throughout the length of the contract. Cleaners should NOT know in advance when these visits are taking place or they may drop standards immediately after one inspection only to pick up again when they know an inspection is due.

Finally do they do have systems in place that will assure you that you will be able to get access to senior managers direct in order to sort out any issues that may come up during the cleaning contract. It is also important to understand how your calls are going to be handled and that you will be confident that your issue will be dealt with promptly and professionally at all times.