Mallorca – only for people on holiday?   The popularity of Mallorca as a holiday destination has, since the 1950s, been steadily growing.  The number of visitors and holiday makers approached 3 million in the 1970s.  In 2010, visitors to Mallorca exceeded 6 million.  Mallorca´s year round popularity is ensured by its beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate.  Visitors are drawn to the Island for its warm weather, excellent sunbathing, beautiful beaches, high quality tourist amenities and a buzzing nightlife.  It´s a great draw for tourists!

The main source of revenue for the island is Mallorca´s tourist industry on which its economy is hugely dependent.   More than half the Island´s population work in the tourist sector.   

But what about every day Mallorca, the people who live and work there?

The largest of the four Balearic islands, Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean, just off the Spanish coast.  The northwest and eastern regions of the Island are mountainous, covering  about 70 kms.   The central zone which extends from Palma, the island´s capital, is generally flat and fertile, while the northern coast is rugged with many cliffs.

You have visited Mallorca on holiday, liked what you saw, and now feel you might like to buy a property there.  Buying a property in Mallorca can be very interesting, as there is such a huge variation of style over a short distance.  It´s really amazing how each part of this small island is so different.   From town to town, the type of property available in Mallorca does vary.  These range from beautiful secluded villas in the heart of the island, to small apartments along the coast. 

The downturn in the economy has led to there also being a considerable amount of holiday property available.    Knowing what type of property and region you prefer and what suits your budget might require a detailed visit to the island before embarking seriously on your purchase.    Area and price research is essential before taking the next step, so that you don´t exceed your spend budget.

Before you commit yourself to a property in any way or part with any money, it is sensible to employ a Mallorcan lawyer who speaks your language.  Before you sign any document or make any payment, your lawyer will deal with all the documentation necessary which will have to be produced at the time of the signing of the Title Deed.

  If you are buying a property in Spain or Mallorca, you will need an NIE (National Identificacion Extranjero).    From completion and authorisation of the application form until the NIE is granted takes about four weeks.  Your lawyer can deal with this on your behalf.   If you require a mortgage, your lawyer will be only too pleased to assist you with your application.  

With regards to the actual property, you should also think about having a survey done. There are english speaking surveyors in Mallorca.    In addition to there being english speaking builders in Mallorca.