Norman Steisel CEO/Founder of EnEssCo Strategies

Norman Steisel is the Founder and CEO of EnEssCo Strategies, Inc. a company that pursues a broad array of “green” projects for industry and governments. EnEssCo’s corporate objective is to assist in integrating sound environmental stewardship into the daily business procedures of its clients. It provides strategic, business development and marketing, and financial consulting services. The Company supplies these services to companies engaged in providing environmental services and products. This encompasses waste handling and disposal, water supply and wastewater treatment and alternative clean energy technologies and production.

A provider of environmental consulting to business and governments, Norman Steisel has been engaged to cultivate and put into practice strategic marketing and financial plans for companies in a wide range of industries. These include advanced wireless voice and data technologies, supply chain management, outsourcing services, bio-tech, and waste water treatment. EnEssCo’s “Green” Team consists of professionals who have a record of accomplishment| in all facets of science and technology oriented business consulting and “green” compliance.

EnEssCo Strategies is increasing its resources and expertise into an assortment of green projects for governments and industry. More specifically, the Company develops environmentally compliant, economically viable solutions in the energy production, water usage, as well as treatment and waste handling industries. It has taken on an active role in helping businesses to most efficiently implement business proceduresthat are more environmentally responsible. The Company provides management and consulting services to senior level executives of firms and industries in government-regulated sectors. Click here for more information on Norman Steisel