Getting Your First Client

Getting your first client as an offline business consultant can be intimidating, but here are two great tips either one of which virtually guarantees that you’ll get off to a roaring start. The first strategy involves finding key businesses that can really help you and offering them your advice for free.

It is your local Chamber of Commerce. The CoC hold regular morning breakfasts all across the country. it is called “networking” and they have been going on for years. Why? Because they work. These meetings allow you to hook up with the industry leaders in your local area.

I have attended a handful of these and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of free advertising done here. Nothing sleazy. Just honest interaction all devised to create a win/win situation. You will be surprised at how receptive some people are to your offer etc.

The second strategy involves giving away something for free. Find out the most influential person at these meetings. With a bit of study this should not be too hard. Approach this person and tell them you would like to give them your time and services for free. You will devise a marketing plan to get this person hundreds, if not thousands of visitors to their website for free.

Emphasize that you usually charge $1,000-$1500 for this service but you will do it for free providing he recommends your service to his circle of influence. This will be a huge bonus for your business.

Remember – 95% of the businesses in your area NEED what you have to offer and with you have the tool to propel any local business profits skyward. Win a couple of them over and your business will pick up incredible momentum.

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