Real Estate Sign with Text Marketing, Call Capture, and QR Codes

The new updates for the real estate sign lead-generation platform from PleaseText.Me have been released. The platform offers a single dashboard to manage a listing. From this centralized location, an agent can manage text message marketing, QR codes and landing pages, and record voice messages for call capture. Enhancements to the application extended to all major modules and included the release of a new portal to order sign riders and have them sent directly to the printer.

Real estate call capture is a tried and true lead generation tool. It is easy for the consumer and PleaseText.Me makes it easy for the agent. You can create a voice recording by having the system call you, recording via phone like you are recording a voice mail and then you can hang up. You can also upload an .wav or .mp3 file of your choice. Most Androids or iPhones have built-in recorders that outperform PC-based headsets that cost $100’s just a few years ago. Your sign rider can be easily moved from your just sold listing to your newly listed property. Upload a recording, change the text message response, and point your QR code to the new property’s listing page. That entire listing was updated in one page in the dashboard.

PleaseText.Me offers pricing and functions to meet both your budget and your real estate marketing needs. Visit the site for current prices and promos.