Shaving is a real pain

Shaving is something that men have had to do for a long time. It’s just something we have to do.It’s just one of life’s little daily jobs. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to shave.

When you wet shave you are supposed to move the blade in the direction of the hair – not against it. You have to go with the grain, so to speak. Now that’s all well and good, but for many men it’s difficult to get a really close shave without going against the grain.

So what about using an electric shaver? Is that any different? Well, using products such as shown here you can get a very good, clean shave. And since it uses a special moisturizing system your face will feel pretty good afterwards, too. But even with an electric shaver you still have to follow a few simple rules.

Using something like the RQ1051 you need to make sure your face is clean before shaving. Sounds obvious, right? Wrong! Many men shave with a dirty face, figuring that the shave will clean them. Clean your face first, before shaving.

When you first switch over to an electric shaver, give yourself some time for your face to adapt to it. You won’t get the best shave the first few times, that’s for sure. Your body and beard will adapt to the new shaving technique over a period of a few days. For some men it mght take a few weeks, so don’t be discouraged easily.

And don’t push hard against your face like you’re mowing the lawn – that won’t give you a closer shave and it will irritate your skin. Let the blade glide over your face, almost floating. You’ll find you get a suprisingly good shave that way.

The built in moisturising system on the HS8060 keeps your skin supple while you’re shaving and that’s important for a close shave too.

If you’ve had enough of wet shaving, why not consider one of the new breed of electric shavers? You might find you get just as good a shave with one of the modern top of range shavers. And your skin will thank you for it too!