Solar Panels and your Latitude

There’s a rush in britain to obtain solar power panels free. Solar electricity is the red hot issue presently although the climate is not normally viewed as sunny enough to supply an excellent rate of electricity generation. However, government incentives make the installation of free photovoltaic panels a great business proposition. Solar PV panels essentially turn sunlight into electricity directly and as PV, or photovoltaic, technology improves the efficiency of this process, so does the economics. With each percentage increase in efficiency, the further north you are able to install panels and get economic advantage.

There’s 2 additional factors driving the uptake of solar electricity in the UK. You are the increasing tariff of existing carbon-based fuels such as oil, coal and gas. These fuels of course come not merely which has a financial cost but with a risk too. One only has to view how it happened to the oil rig within the Gulf coast of florida to see both the effect on the climate and local ecology, but tragically too, the loss of life inside initial explosion.

The 2nd factor can be a government incentive scheme which can be making the economics of solar panels favourable for a lot of UK citizens. The renewable heat incentive is encouraging the uptake of PV technology if you are paying electricity generators reduced price for electricity generated like this. The retail price is artificially high when compared to the charge per kilowatt hour obtainable through the national grid which skews the cost-benefit analysis sharply towards screen installation – provided you do have a south facing roof!

Technology has become available that converts solar electricity, which can be essentially lv and DC, into 240v AC current that can be fed into the grid when electricity production exceeds domestic demand. This electricity generates cash revenues for screen owners. Furthermore, even when domestic demand has met by the panel directly, the renewable heat incentive actually still pays the householder per kilowatt hour consumed – provided it can be generated with the panels initially. Put simply, you earn money from selling electricity so you get paid even when you put it to use!