Take The Time To Insure Your Wedding Ring

A great deal of money, thought, effort and time goes towards buying the perfect diamond ring. This is a significant and sentimental purchase. It represents the lasting love involved in a marriage, but it is also an attractive ring that will be put on regularly. This is something special that will be shown to family and friends and appreciated by the person wearing it each day. Something this valuable should be protected so it is a good idea to find a jewelry appraiser and purchase insurance for this treasured piece of jewelry.

While jewelry insurance is especially important if the value of the ring was particularly high, it is also significant for moderate to low priced rings because of the emotional attachment that goes with this specific type of jewelry. Unfortunately the initial diamond ring cannot be replaced if it becomes lost or stolen, but at least with ring insurance you are able to find a replacement.

Insuring jewelry is not that difficult. There are a couple of alternatives, one option is to add a policy to your renters or homeowner’s insurance, another option is to purchase a separate insurance policy with your normal insurance agent or you might even take out a policy with a company that is well versed in jewelry insurance. But make sure you comparison shop so you get the policy that suits your needs and your budget best. You also want to get a jewelry appraisal from a skilled appraiser so you fully understand the genuine value of your ring. You’ll need an appraisal for your insurance agent as well, but be sure it’s from an appraiser you consider trustworthy.

Make sure you ask detailed questions so you fully understand the policy you are purchasing. It can be frustrating to run into unanticipated problems if you need to submit an insurance claim. Unfortunately some people discover their specific policy doesn’t cover specified situations only after they’ve filed a claim, but at that point it is too late. Make certain you recognize exactly what your jewelry insurance does and does not include before you commit to it.