The Recommended Skin Care For Men

Gone are the days when men took care of their skin with a bar of soap and water and little else. Times have changed. Unlike bygone days when men suffered from the lack of skin care products, the men’s skin care industry is growing by leaps and bounds even coming close to the level at which women’s skin care is developed and marketed. Today male skin care became the single fastest growing category in the global cosmetics and toiletries industry, posting an 8.7 percent gain, well above the 5.6 percent industry average.

Now, more than ever, men feel that it is crucial to take care of their skin and even became more aware of how he looks and wants to look. Men discovered what women have known all along – that you have got to take care of your skin if you want to look well-groomed. There is nothing to be ashamed of for skin care products no longer considered exclusively feminine to moisturize. In fact manufacturers nowadays are heeding the call with products packaged and marketed specifically for men, including anti-aging skin care and wrinkle treatments that mirror women’s lines. Plus health experts and product manufacturers have produced a wealth of recommendations for keeping skin healthy-looking, particularly when it comes to the face. Their recommendations:

* Keep it clean. Men have about 15 percent oilier skin and significantly larger pores than women. Bluntly put, men just get dirtier. It is important for men to clean their face every day, especially deep cleansing. It keeps pores clear, skin healthy and looking good.

* Cleansing products should be as chemical-free as possible. Deodorant soaps shouldn’t be used on the face. They cleanse with harsh ingredients and leave a detergent film behind. This may irritate the skin and clog pores. Better to go natural.

* A good scrub is good for healthy, clean skin. It removes dead cells and smoothes the surface of the face. Stay away from scrubs that contain rough elements like ground bits of nut or seed extracts. They will tear and damage the skin. A good scrub will invigorate the skin, not hurt it.

* Moisturizing is important. The product with the least amount of chemical additives is the best. For an intensive moisture treatment, men should use pure Vitamin E, or aloe vera oil. Apply the oil directly to the skin. It is a great treatment for under the eyes, which are among the first places to show age (the skin under the eyes secrete no necessary oils on its own).

* Since men are typically outdoors more than women are, they need to use skin care for men products to help reduce the risks associated with too much ultraviolet light.