The value and savings associated with a conference calling service

By definition, conference call is a telephone call where more than two parties are involved. It can be an audio call and also a video call.

Conference calls are designed in such a way that the calling party has facility to make call to the participant and add then to the conference so that all the participants can take part into conversation. However the participants have facility to join themselves by dialing a special number which connects to the specialized device called “Conference Bridge”. Corporate houses generally use services of the telecom companies who maintain these types of equipments. Sometimes these companies provide phone numbers and PIN, so that the participants can make conference calls.

Three way calling is simple form of a conference call. To make a three way call, you have to dial to the first participant, once the connection is established then you have to press the flash button and dial the second participant. While it is ringing the second participant you have to press the flash button again so it will connect three persons simultaneously.

Business houses are the biggest users of this technology. Various daily business activities like interaction with the clients, sales manager interacting with sales representatives, project manager evaluating project progress, HR department conducting interviews of applicants are done using this technology. There are organizations which are regularly using this facility. They are subscribers of conference call facility providers.

This technology is also used for entertainment or socializing purpose. People use this facility to come out of boredom.

There are various types of conference calls like simple audio call, video call and web based calls. There are many service providers for these services. Reach of the internet to the common people have made web based calls popular among all sections of the society. People with various interests regularly use these facilities. There are many providers of these services and charges are nominal. Some service providers offer fixed monthly rate tariff plans and provide unlimited access. There are prepaid services available and they charge you as per the usage. You can make these calls using computer, mobile phone and even your phone line. Some companies allow you to make conference call from any part of the world with proper telephone connection.

Main benefits of this facility are cost cutting and time saving. When you have limited time and you want to talk to many people on the same matter then it is the right choice for you. Sometimes you can save a lot on your traveling expenses. All these benefits have made these calls popular.

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