Tips on how to buy your new version of Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty is a 1st and 3rd person video game series franchise. Released in 2010 Black Ops is the first game to take place during the Cold War and partially in the Vietnam War.

At link text they go into more detail to tell that at first the game was only available for pre-order on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Thankfully, due to some inside work at Activison, it was later confirmed that it would also be released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

Is It Worth The Money?

The Call Of Duty series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. As of March 31, 2012 there are 40 million monthly active players across all of the Call of Duty titles, Over 1.6 billion hours of online gameplay have been logged Modern Warfare 3 since its release.

The website link text goes into some of the other games available in the series & the differences between them.

Call of Duty 2:

Call of Duty 2 followed game one and is set during World War II. The game allows an individual the experience to play through the perspectives of soldiers in the Red Army, British Army and US Army.

By browsing through link text you can find reviews, cheat codes, games, and much more. This site is a great link for anyone who either has an interest in Black Ops for themselves for more information on the product or for a loved one.