Tips to Making Tomato Plants Produce Many Flowers

The excellent growing condition for tomato plants is a mild, Mediterranean climate. They love sunny spots. Give tomato plants rich soil and a cage for them to grow upward, and they will soon produce flowers and fruits. Don’t pamper them with nitrogen packed fertilizer, as too much of this nutrient will make the tomato plants’ foliage turn dark green and they become bushy, jeopardizing the flowers. If they do not manufacture flowers, the first thing you should do is to make sure that you aren’t overfeeding your plants, and then check for other possible problems.

In this article are some tips to help make your tomato plants produce notable bloom:

1. Prepare your garden or potting soil with two pounds per 100 square feet of 5-10-5 or 5-10-10 fertilizer, or a two-inch layer of compost. Dig the compost or fertilizer into your garden soil six inches deep. Usually, tomato plants do not require additional fertilizer during the growing season if the soil has been prepared properly. If you really cannot fight the urge to apply fertilizer later in the growing season, make sure you use a relatively weak type, like the fish emulsion.

2. Water them enough to keep your soil evenly moist. The pour about one inch of water in a week, when there is no rain. When tomatoes sense dry soil, they’ll conserve their resources thru delaying the production of flowers.

3. See to it that you remove weeds regularly, as weeds will compete with plants for available, nutrients, sun, and moisture. And they usually prevail. When getting rid of weeds, take extra care as you could damage the roots using a garden tool. Damaged roots cannot absorb water and nutrients well.

4. Make sure that your plants receive enough light from the sun. Plant them where they can receive eight hours of natural light each day for best blooms. Only 6 hours of light daily will significantly lessen the fruit your plants are able to produce. To let more sunlight in, prune any surrounding plants, or replant your tomato plants in a sunnier place. Be very careful when you’re transplanting. Make sure you do not significantly disturb the roots.

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