Vendors providing address detection systems in Germany online

Entrepreneurs know the following situation: They sent invoices to a person, and a few days later the mail is returned to sender because the person has disappeared. Now the problems begin. You want to find the right address quickly and cheaply. Fortunately there are suppliers which are specialized in finding the new address:

A recommendable company for address research in Germany and Europe is Supercheck in Cologne. They offer address investigation online with very high success rates and at low prices.
Here are some benefits which are offered by this succesful company:

Supercheck does not only do address investigation in Germany. They also offer their service for finding disappeared people in most other European countries. Clients do not have to pay a membership fee. They only charge every single research at a very reasonable rate. If they have to do official research at the authority databases they do a new inquiry each time so that the customer does not get outdated search results.
Supercheck has a very high success rate because of their sophisticated 3-level-research system. They double check each address by sending a real paper mail to them before the client gets the result. Address research is very cheap with this system. Customers like entrepreneurs could not do the research on their own at lower costs. When the address is found the customer is notified via email. An additional report can be found on the following site: They are able to look for addresses virtually anywhere in Germany and Europe.

The research results are delivered online and can easily be checked by the client. And only the real researches have to be paid. There is no membership fee and no minimum quantity of researches. Supercheck clients order more than 2.5 million address investigations per year. There are already more than 13,000 clients using this system. So they are one of the leading players in this market.