What are the general human growth hormone side effects in humans

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone made by the pituitary gland under influence by indicator molecules coming from the hypothalamus. It provides a wide range of human growth hormone side effects on cells in the human body, including enhanced fat loss, more muscle mass as well as bone mineralization.


It is now trendy for anti-aging benefits after being shown in research to improve lean mass in elderly adults, and it has previously been abused in particular competitive sports. It’s supplied therapeutically for some diseases, mainly for human growth hormone insufficiency in kids which causes small stature as well as development delays. Today, growth hormone is prohibited unless prescribed by a physician.


Common side effects of human growth hormone can include joint problems, mainly swelling and pain, along with elevated bloating.


A complication associated with excessive growth hormone is a issue referred to as Acromegaly, however this is often caused by a cancerous growth within the anterior pituitary gland which then causes excessive human growth hormone secretion.


This substance has been researched thoroughly for anti-aging purposes, but the outcomes haven’t been promising. Actually, growth hormone therapy has caused increased chance of acquiring some serious diseases.


A review of several studies relating to growth hormone in older adults displayed that even though the bodily hormone reduced body fat and overall levels of cholesterol, while increasing lean muscle mass, it also resulted in them to become more prone to experience carpal tunnel symptoms, gynecomastia (enlargening of mens breast tissue), earlier onset of diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting blood glucose levels.


An additional scientific study, about cancer occurrence in individuals given real human pituitary growth hormone, showed that these people had a rise in overall incidence of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer and Hodgkin’s disease.


If you’re considering therapy with this particular hormone, ensure that you get it done under supervision of a physician since the human growth hormone side effects could be pretty severe. A lot of people are able to use this substance with no major side effects, but they are a definite risk.



It may be a better idea to increase all-natural human growth hormone production by getting better sleep, performing intermittent fasting or even high intensity physical exercise. These methods have been shown to increase levels of the bodily hormone, without any human growth hormone side effects.


The recommendations pinpointed within this post is not to be taken as medical advice, if you have any thoughts about human growth hormone you need to talk to your doctor.