What Is Yoli Blast Caps?

Yoli is a network marketing company that promotes a liquid nutritional beverage featuring ‘Blast Cap’ technology. When you are about to drink a bottle you push down on the top and this container blasts a nutrient rich blended powder into water. Yoli drinks are a safer alternative to highly caffeinated drinks on the market. Another great aspect of this Yoli drink is that there is no shelf life. Since the powder blend is sealed from the water there is no way for the product to spoil. Other network marketing companies that promote liquid nutritionals in the pure liquid form always have to worry about a shelf life and selling the product quickly. Paired with Yoli‘s unique product is the business opportunity where distributors can earn commissions determined by monthly volume of the product sold and new members sponsored into their direct organization.

Many new members who join Yoli will find themselves struggling to actually have success because they do not know how to market effectively. It’s quite funny actually, that this type of business is based on skills like selling, marketing and recruiting. Skills, that frankly, most people have no clue about. The training given to new members is very idiotic in my opinion. You are told to make a list of every one you know, try to sell them on the product, cold call leads, hold house meetings to try the product, pass out fliers and business cards, prospect strangers and then train your team to do the same. Doesn’t it seem obvious now why most network marketers and Yoli distributors struggle to have success?

You have to work smarter and do things that the competition is not doing if you intend to have success in your Yoli business. You see, in order for you to grow your business you will have to understand that your success has nothing to do with the product, company, founders or compensation. So when you try to sell others using these key points, don’t be surprised when no one signs up.

PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE. That is the most powerful phrase you will ever hear in this industry. Do not forget it. If you can show someone how to actually build a business in Yoli you will experience success. Remember people do not join network marketing companies they join you.