Which UK Air Purifiers are ideal for hay fever in Summer 2012

Hay fever is one of the reasons that Summer can be a very uncomfortable time for many people. People who suffer from hay fever find it extremely difficult to enjoy being outside in the sunshine when their hay fever is playing up, and it is even more annoying when hay fever affects them indoors. An air purifier for the home is the ideal solution to control hay fever when indoors.

Hay fever treatments such as tablets can help keep hay fever at bay somewhat when you are out and about however what about indoors? Pollen and allergen spores that trigger hay fever get trapped indoors and circulate constantly in a closed environment. A hayfever air purifier is specially designed for hayfever sufferers. They destroy these airborne allergens and pollen spores which trigger hayfever.

One of the best and most popular air purifiers in the UK today is the Airfree e40 air purifier. Airfree built their brand by creating healthy, hygienic and environmentally friendly air purifiers that cater for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. The Airfree e40 air purifier is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, they are built on the latest technology which allows them to function at optimum levels, stopping hay fever in its tracks without making a sound. Totally silent and totally effective, Airfree purifiers are filterless, which means they do not need changing and cleaning out on a regular basis like most air purifiers out there today.

Air purifiers are not only helpful to hay fever sufferers. If you live in an area where smoke or odour is a problem then an air purifier is the ideal solution. Air purifiers will remove the smoke and bad odour from the air, in turn adding longevity to your clothes and belongings. An air purifier really can make your home or office a much more pleasant place to live or work in.

Air purifiers are necessary for UK hay fever sufferers to get relief from hay fever indoors this summer 2012. Not only are they helpful for people who suffer from hay fever but they are also ideal for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. For more information head on over to the air purification specialists at Breathing Space.