Eugene Burger Management

Renter vacancies present in the business sector can be a significant concern. The charter of Eugene Burger Management is to have a close relationship always with their tenants. EBMC maintains a high rate of renewals with tenants. They are the owner’s agent, nevertheless tenants are responsive to EBMC supporting them and getting them through the renewal process. Tenants see EBMC as a colleague and friend at renewal time because of the trust, which has been built between the parties.

Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) works closely with owners who are thinking about switching property management companies. The Corporation has considerable experience with property management transition for housing communities. They discuss with property owners their feelings about current on-site staff members. EBMC may take on the whole staff if this is the property owner’s goal. They’ll screen the employees for the owner. If issues arise concerning an employee, they discuss these with the owner

EBMC will look at vendor contracts. They will keep those employees who have the proper licenses and insurance. They will retain employees who’ve supplied the extra insured endorsement. Therefore, the owner and managing agent have protection. For new hires and retained employees, Eugene Burger Management has EBMC University. This is their training environment for their employees. They offer one-on-one training sessions and training videos. Their focus is to consider always the owner’s wishes relating to current staff as well as vendors. They work within that boundary to help make current staff and vendors as effective as possible. This is where additional training could be part of the paradigm.